Our soft snacks are the answer for your dogs. Give them to your dogs as a reward or to show how much you love them. Our treats are made with real chicken meat; each piece is well prepared to create the tastest, nutritionally superior and highly digestible dog treats - just what your dog deserve.

KEY FEATURES:Made from 100% chicken (Human Food Grade)

  • 25% of Protein that support growth and development
  • Low fat from purely chicken with no skin, not causing obesity
  • Low Sodium, safe to kidneys
  • With dogs’ preferred taste, mouth-watering smell, and comes in multiple flavours
  • Produced in certified factories, clean and safe
  • Production process certified by GMP and HACCP
  • For all breeds, age more than 3 months

Feeding Instruction:

    • Give Bearing Jerky Teats Stick at any time as a regular treat or snack for your dogs. Ensure that fresh drinking water is always available when feeding.

    • Suggested amounts
      • Small dogs 1-5 kg : 1/2 pc/day
      • Medium dogs >5-10 kg : 1/2 – 1 pc/day
      • Large dogs >10 kg : 1- 1½ pc/day

Available Size:

    • 50 g
    • 80 g
    • 300 g