Our Services

SVG International Co., Ltd. provides completed trading services in product for livestock, companion animals, food and general commodities. We provide import and export, international shipping and logistics services for our trading customers.

Quality Matters

  • We always give high quality of the products.
  • We always maintain quality of products, including in the shipping process.
  • Every product will be passed the quality test from our experienced inspectors.
  • We have our own warehouse to facilitate the loading or unloading.

Logistics Support

We provide logistics supports and services to export from any ports of Thailand and  help in documentation process by our reliable freight forwarders & agents.

Our Product Categories



Basstasia Premium Adult Cat Food




Jerky Treats

Jerky Treats


Pure Bite

Pure Bite


Cat Liquid Snack

Cat Liquid Snack


Tick & Flea

Tick & Flea


Groomer's Choice Shampoo

Groomer's Choice Shampoo


Chic & Charm

Chic & Charm


Cat Litter 2

Cat Litter 1


Nano Care: Essence Spray20ml. l 50ml.

Nano Care: Essence Spray

Excellent anti-microbial spay for wounds or skin diseases in pet.

Nano Plus Gel20g.

Nano Plus Gel

Excellent anti-microbial gel and work to promote healing for wounds or skin diseases in pets.

Nano Wipe20 sheets l 80 sheets

Nano Wipe

Anti-microbial wet wipes for pets.

Nano Scrub280ml.

Nano Scrub

Veterinary formulated pet shampoo to use for anti-microbial causes of skin diseases, scrub the area to be surgically operated or scrub the hand.

Furr Detox Shampoo280ml.

Furr Detox Shampoo

High efficiency shampoo for pet. Cleanliness and keep skin moist and soft. Excellent anti-bacterial causes of odor.

Nano Mousse125ml.

Nano Mousse

Anti-microbial mousse clean and work to anti-bacterial causes of odor, cleanliness as a gentle, soothes, softens and non-irritating for even the most sensitive pet skin.

Nano Fresh Air250ml.

Nano Fresh Air

Air fresher spay can decrease microbial and deodorizing for fresh smell.

Nano Kleans Spray250ml.

Nano Kleans Spray

Anti-microbial spay created for cleansing and deodorizing for the coated surfaces.

Nano Klean Binder1L.

Nano Klean Binder

A safe cleaning product. Lasting effect ,effective in reducing the amount and spread of germs. Can reduce the odor for a long time. Suitable for cleaning equipment inside the house Farm working set, vehicles, including honeycomb panel cooling systems


Nutraceuticalfor immune support


Nutraceuticalfor blood support

Liposil Gel

Nutraceuticalfor Liver support

Viyo Renafelin


The treatment of cats suffering from Chronical Kidney Disease (CKD)

Viyo Recuperation - Cats

Recuperation for Cats

Viyo Recuperation for cats of all ages, in support of a fast, effective and fluent recuperation after illness or surgery

Viyo Recuperation - Dogs

Recuperation for Dogs

Viyo Recuperation for dogs of all ages, in support of a fast, effective and fluent recuperation after illness or surgery


Raw Materials for Produce Pet and Livestock Product

Sweet potato


Sweet Potato Type : Stick l Pallet l Powder

Feed Phosphates

Feed Phosphates


Fish Meal

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Skim Milk Replacer

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Sweet Whey Powder

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Pet food


Available in 3 types of food : dried, wet and semi-moist.

Pet snacks


Pet treats : Dental bone, Dental gum, Dental stick, Real meat jerky.


Pet shampoo and Pet health products for dogs and cats.